Corporate & Commercial Signage

  • Laser Cut 3D Letters and Logos
  • Fabricated 3D Letters and Logos, Illuminated and Non-Illuminated
  • LED-lit Signage
  • Illuminated Sign Boxes

Laser cut and fabricated 3D letters and logos are one of the most popular forms of creating advertising and directional signs for commercial display, corporate imaging and building signage, whether their final look is that of a metal, timber or acrylic finish, spray painted or internally illuminated.

If an illuminated logo is preferred, we can use LED's as a light source which gives the designer a lot of flexibility and is also very efficient in terms of installation, on-site maintenance and running costs, with the added benefit of reducing environmental impact and giving the customer better cost of ownership at the same time.

We can manufacture illuminated signs to emphasise different effects: illuminated face, lit up returns, glowing halo effect or a combination of these methods, or we can simply follow pre-designed customer's specifications.

Statutory and Compliance Building Signage

  • Statutory Signage
  • Tactile and Braille Compliant
  • Apartment and Building Id. Signage

Computer Cut and Digitally Printed Graphics

  • Computer cut and digitally printed graphics
  • Window frosting and branding
  • Vehicle graphics
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